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P10 case + 7 objects cm. 15x9x3.5 T6 case with reliquary cross and corporal leather case for reliquary cm.8x7 leather case for reliquary and cross cm.9x8,5 set for baptism cm.17x11x6 ecologic leather wire cm.16.5x11x5.5 P7 case with 3 objects T6 case for reliquary cross and corporal P/10 bag + 7 object cm.15x9x3.5 communion bag with enamelled reliquary +3 objec... P/ case with 5 objects P4 leather case + 7 objects cm.17X11X5,5 P14 case communion with enamelled reliquary + three ... P7 case with 3 objects P14 case for communion + 3 objects reliquary and case cm.8x7 P7 case with 4 objects P8 luxury case + 11 objects P19 leather case + four objects case suede leather with 5 objects suede leather case grey + 7 objects suede leather case + 4 objects astuccio + teca e 2 accessori astuccio in pelle per teca cm.12x10 P3 astuccio pelle + 12 oggetti